Modulos is an innovative furniture company that designs and produces unique and practical furniture pieces with a focus on sustainability, quality, and longevity. Their creative approach combines elegant and beautiful design with ultimate practicality, making their products stand out in the market.


Modulos is an innovative furniture company that combines unique and practical furniture designs with sustainability, quality, and longevity. Our team is dedicated to constantly producing new ideas in furniture design and purchasing approaches, ensuring that our furniture is not only functional and beautiful, but also adds additional value to the customer experience. Our approach to furniture design is based on simple and elegant design principles combined with ultimate practicality. We strive to create a deeper connection between our furniture pieces and their end-users, making our designs highly usable and desirable. What truly sets Modulos apart is our focus on innovation and our search for more sustainable business models within the furniture space. By prioritizing sustainability, quality, and innovation, we are leading the way for a more conscious, creative, and sustainable approach to furniture design that is in line with modern trends and needs.

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First place

2018. – Grand Prix for innovation at Inova (Croatia)

First place

2018. – StartUp Factory (Zagreb)


2018. – Zagreb Connect


2019. – Best of the Best Award for innovation at Technology Expo (Malasyia)


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